1 1/2 guns up! Best of 2016!

Listening to this self-titled record is like taking a side trip to a forgotten roadside motel lost in time somewhere in California’s desert interior, where the glow of a neon sign beats back the dullness of modernity, and the turning of a room key is like the opening of a time capsule to a place much more accustomed and comfortable to old souls.
— Saving Country Music
You sound great! Your songs are well written
& you’ve got the right players, for sure!
— Raul Malo, The Mavericks
I can’t think of another artist like her today
— Country Perspective
Cool new classic sounding music from Cheryl Deserée. LOVE the SOUNDS!
— Joe Bonsall, The Oak Ridge Boys
It wouldn’t be a country record be without heartbreak & Deserée provides it (gloriously) in abundance.
— The Daily Country
Cheryl Deserée can do Dale Watson style honky tonk and segue into NOLA jazz & torch songs seamlessly.
— Jason Claybaugh Editor, CigarWeekly.com
Cheryl Deserée is like the love child of Jayne Mansfield and Hank Williams, if that blessed creature was raised by its Samoan, ukulele-playing godparents. But it all works for her. Her Nashvegas honky tonk roots give her the kind of cred she needs to get away with referencing Stage Door Jennys, and her lilting, burlesque-y ‘je ne said quoi’ lends lyrics about “Eye Candy” and “Pillow Talkin’” just the right twang. Throughout the album, which is part throwback country album, and part jazz standard-and-swing update, she manages to just be herself—the pinkest, glitteryest country heart slayer out there. While she does it, she also makes great use of her Nashville connections, with some solid guest spots from Music City pickers and players. From start to finish, the entire album is cohesive, distinctive, and fun, the product of a woman who knows her voice, and who’s worth listening to.
— Marc Acton, reviewer